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First publication of a page listing FOSS used to build this website
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+<article class="index">
+This website could not exist without (many) awesome free software
+projects. Although I could not list them all even if I wanted, my desire is at
+least to try keeping up-to-date a curated description of the “main” ones.
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+* Authoring Content
+- [[][Emacs]] ::
+ Emacs is an extensible editor which I use daily to author this website
+ content, and write the code related to this website (and any code, really). It
+ is part of the [[][GNU project]].
+- [[][Org mode]] ::
+ Org mode is a major mode of Emacs which I use to author several posts. It has
+ initially been written by [[][Carsten Dominik]], and is currently maintained by
+ [[][Bastien Guerry]].
+- [[][Coq]] ::
+ Coq is a theorem prover and a proof assistant built by [[][Inria]]. Many of my posts
+ on Coq are regular Coq file processed by ~coqdoc~.
+* Static Website Generation
+- [[][soupault]] ::
+ Soupault is a static website generator and HTML processor written by [[][Daniil
+ Baturin]].
+- [[][~sassc~]] ::
+ ~sassc~ is a compiler for SASS files (actually, a wrapper around [[][~libsass~]]),
+ authored by [[][Aaron Leung]], [[][Hampton Catlin]], [[][Marcel Greter]], and [[][Michael Mifsud]].
+- [[][GNU Make]] ::
+ GNU Make is a build automation tool which ensures HTML files are generated
+ from my posts before calling soupault. It is part of the [[][GNU project]].
+* Frontend
+- [[][Fork Awesome]] ::
+ Fork Awesome is a collection of icons for the web. It is a community fork of
+ [[][Font Awesome]].
+- [[][KaTeX]] ::
+ Katex is the “fastest” math typesetting library for the web, and is uses to
+ render inline mathematics in my posts at build time. It has been created by
+ [[][Emily Eisenberg]] and [[][Sophie Alpert]], with the help of [[][many contributors]].
+- [[][Fira Code]] ::
+ Fira Code is a monospaced font by [[][Nikita Prokopov]] inspired with Fira Mono by
+ the [[][Mozilla Foundation]], with “programming ligatures” (/e.g./, =>>==, ====,
+ =!==, etc.), and it is used here for verbatim content (principally source
+ code).
+- [[][ET Book]] ::
+ ET Book is a webfont of the typeface used in [[][Edward Tufte]]’s books, converted
+ by [[][Adam Schwartz]]. It is used as the main font of this website.