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mainFix stacked git summaryThomas Letan18 hours
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18 hoursFix stacked git summaryHEADmainThomas Letan
18 hoursStacked Git is coolThomas Letan
21 hoursUse sans-serif fontThomas Letan
2021-09-04Refine one more time the widths of the layout componentsThomas Letan
2021-08-29Increase the size of the nav containersThomas Letan
2021-08-29Add a margin note at the beginning of the Monad transformers articleThomas Letan
2021-08-29Put the margin note on the left and center the textThomas Letan
2021-08-20Fix a Coq warningThomas Letan
2021-08-20Advertise the release of coqffi beta 6 and 7Thomas Letan
2021-08-20Improve the graph of dependencies of the Echo serverThomas Letan