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-<h1>Monad Transformers are a Great Abstraction</h1>
+#+TITLE: Monad Transformers are a Great Abstraction
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<p>This article has originally been published on <span
id="original-created-at">July 15, 2017</span>.</p>
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Monads are hard to get right. I think it took me around a year of Haskelling to
feel like I understood them. The reason is, to my opinion, there is not such
thing as /the/ Monad. It is even the contrary. When someone asks me how I would
-define Monads in only a few words, [[][I say Monad is a convenient formalism to
-chain specific computations]]. Once I’ve got that, I started noticing “monadic
+define Monads in only a few words, I say monads are a convenient formalism to
+chain specific computations. Once I’ve got that, I started noticing “monadic
construction” everywhere, from the Rust ~?~ operator to the [[][Elixir ~with~
@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@ issue with the Monad Transformers.
#+BEGIN_SRC diff
-type Builder = StateT Text IO
+type Builder = StateT Text (ReaderT Language IO)
As you may have already understood, I wasn't using the “raw” ~State~ Monad, but