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2022-01-16Fix stacked git summaryHEADmainThomas Letan
2022-01-16Stacked Git is coolThomas Letan
2022-01-16Use sans-serif fontThomas Letan
2021-09-04Refine one more time the widths of the layout componentsThomas Letan
2021-08-29Increase the size of the nav containersThomas Letan
2021-08-29Add a margin note at the beginning of the Monad transformers articleThomas Letan
2021-08-29Put the margin note on the left and center the textThomas Letan
2021-08-20Fix a Coq warningThomas Letan
2021-08-20Advertise the release of coqffi beta 6 and 7Thomas Letan
2021-08-20Improve the graph of dependencies of the Echo serverThomas Letan
2021-08-20The repository has movedThomas Letan
2021-08-20Use a darker color for linksThomas Letan
2021-08-20Update various dependencies used by this websiteThomas Letan
2021-03-28Adapt the keyr stats to the redesignThomas Letan
2021-03-28Use the built-in plugin to insert the “Table of Contents” titleThomas Letan
Thanks @dmbaturin for pointing this out!
2021-03-28Fix soupault websiteThomas Letan
2021-03-282021 Spring redesignThomas Letan
2021-02-24Release of coqffi 1.0.0~beta4Thomas Letan
2021-01-30Add some news about January, 2021Thomas Letan
2021-01-24Prepare coqffi.1.0.0~beta3 releaseThomas Letan
2021-01-24No more syntax highlightingThomas Letan
2021-01-16Tweak marginsThomas Letan
2020-12-29Let people use the font of their likingThomas Letan
2020-12-20Provide some insight on how literate programming projects are builtThomas Letan
2020-12-16Mention coqffi.devThomas Letan
2020-12-16FreeSpec has been published to OpamThomas Letan
2020-12-14Fine-grained dependency for literate programming build processThomas Letan
2020-12-14Do not output when tangling coqffi tutorialThomas Letan
2020-12-14Avoid to display too much noweb variablesThomas Letan
2020-12-14Massive performance improvement for `'Thomas Letan
Before: soupault 14.83s user 1.36s system 105% cpu 15.374 total After: soupault 3.37s user 0.77s system 106% cpu 3.871 total
2020-12-13Advertise the use of cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-12-13Spectral is the new main font of this websiteThomas Letan
2020-12-12Color tweakingThomas Letan
2020-12-12Use Spectral RegularThomas Letan
2020-12-11coq-coqffi.1.0.0~beta2 has been releasedThomas Letan
2020-12-11Link to Coq dependencies’ documentationThomas Letan
2020-12-11Kiss goodbye to the blue linksThomas Letan
2020-12-10Spellchecking and revisions table for the coqffi articlesThomas Letan
2020-12-10Fix the generation of coqffi-tutorial.tar.gzThomas Letan
2020-12-10Add a Series on coqffi, and the first literate program of this blogThomas Letan
2020-12-08Advertise the version of compcert used to build this articleThomas Letan
2020-12-08Update to CompCert 3.8Thomas Letan
2020-12-08Announce coq-coqffi.1.0.0~beta1Thomas Letan
2020-12-08Tweak the theme to increase its book vibeThomas Letan
2020-11-24Announce the acceptance of our coqffi paperThomas Letan
2020-11-24Remove a redundant </head> tag in HTML templateThomas Letan
2020-11-24Rework header to make it more mobile friendlyThomas Letan
2020-10-30Reword the titles of the “Strongly-Specified Functions”’s articlesThomas Letan
2020-10-23Update to soupault.2.0.0Thomas Letan
2020-10-10Create a summary page for the strongly-specified functions seriesThomas Letan