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2020-08-30Introducing the Opinions pageThomas Letan
2020-08-28Heavy reworking of the Ltac seriesThomas Letan
2020-08-27Simplify the themeThomas Letan
2020-07-31Make the two articles about Ltac refer to each otherThomas Letan
2020-07-31“For Fun and Benefit” was not an idiomatic expressionThomas Letan
2020-07-26Initial publicationThomas Letan
2020-07-21Remove half-deleted sentenceThomas Letan
2020-07-14Prepare the introduction of a RSS feedThomas Letan
2020-07-12More spellchecking and typosThomas Letan
2020-07-12Invert the table of contents and the revision tablesThomas Letan
2020-07-12Add missing revisions tablesThomas Letan
2020-07-12SpellcheckingThomas Letan
2020-07-12New article on Algebraic DatatypesThomas Letan
2020-07-12Various fixes here and thereThomas Letan
2020-04-02Refactor the build process to use cleopatra the SecondThomas Letan
2020-03-20Remove the “About” page and use the “Write-up” page as default indexThomas Letan
2020-03-20Add a new post about Clight and its semanticsThomas Letan
2020-03-19Use inline mathematics to display KaTeXThomas Letan
2020-02-29Continue the Series on cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-27Theme reloadingThomas Letan
2020-02-26Improving the end of the Bootstrapping cleopatra documentThomas Letan
2020-02-23Fix a typo in “Ltac 101”Thomas Letan
2020-02-23Reworking cleopatra presentationThomas Letan
2020-02-23Fix several typos in the posts indexThomas Letan
2020-02-23Polish cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-23Give up on clean URLsThomas Letan
2020-02-23First complete draft for the Root of Generation sectionThomas Letan
2020-02-22Explain 'tangle-org.el'Thomas Letan
2020-02-22Remove an orphan sentenceThomas Letan
2020-02-22List current generation processes and document how to add oneThomas Letan
2020-02-22Increase the width of the log file header generated by cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-22Remove useless dependencies in the `build' rule of cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-22Integrate `' inside cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-22Use `tangle-org.el' during bootstrapThomas Letan
2020-02-22Make ~make~ to call itself with the `build` rule when none is givenThomas Letan
2020-02-22Provide a generic and reliable way to extends cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-22Initiate the redaction of Bootstrap.orgThomas Letan
2020-02-21Various improvement in cleopatraThomas Letan
2020-02-20Adopt a literate programming for `main.sass'Thomas Letan
2020-02-20Make an heavy use of Makefile variablesThomas Letan
2020-02-20Make cleopatra extensibleThomas Letan
2020-02-19Name the toolchain and provide some context about its seriesThomas Letan
2020-02-19Use the correct font for interfaces in the titlesThomas Letan
2020-02-19Rework the Makefiles for a cleaner handling of generated scriptsThomas Letan
2020-02-19Do not use raw HTML for the titles of Coq postsThomas Letan
2020-02-19Various improvement in the content generation processThomas Letan
2020-02-19Initiate a literate programming approach for the Makefile rulesThomas Letan
2020-02-18Generate the ToC with soupault rather than org-mode in Thanks.orgThomas Letan
2020-02-18Fix coding style in Strongly-Specified Functions part 2Thomas Letan
2020-02-18Do not extract Coq terms in Strongly-Specified Functions part 2Thomas Letan